Ambition in craftsmanship and a unique eye for elegance, these are
the core qualities of our products. Supreme was created to meet
the market’s need for luxury bathroom furniture that are versatile,
ergonomic and build meticulously.


Drop, a company which more than three decades continuously, provides world class quality furniture for bathrooms of domestic and
professional use, summed all its expertise and ingenuity to form
Supreme by Drop. As Supreme we are dedicated in manufacturing
comfortable luxury bathroom furniture of the highest aesthetics
and build quality.


Creating top quality bathroom furniture means choosing the finest
materials. All our suppliers have been carefully selected to match
our high standards in terms of quality and reliability.



Inspired by nature and stripped
down to the essentials


Masterfully designed and build solidly to be highly ergonomic while  aintaining a minimalistic approach, the Magnolia S series consists of versatile bath furniture, crafted from waterproof wood with a finish that elevates the aesthetics of any bathroom.




The sophisticated construction of the Magnolia S series truly shines when paired together.


Cleverly designed in every way the Magnolia S bath furniture can be combined to exactly meet your needs. Highly durable materials were specifically chosen to make sure that the furniture feel new even after many years of use.



When it comes to finesse, the classic and everlasting aesthetics of the Vienna series is the way to go.


The matt finish of the wood provides an earthy tone to the whole composition
complimenting the smooth glossy feel of the ceramic basins. Luxurious, contemporary and functional, all in one, the Vienna Combo series offers a truly unique experience.


A match made in heaven


The magnolia S Combo and Vienna Combo series are designed to be combined in a modular way.

We design all bath furniture of both series to match with each other, making decoration decisions fast and easy. Elegance should always be concern free.