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Our Values

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A fundamental notion for the success story of Drop is its strong Brand Awareness for beeing based on specific and straightforward values. We have never diminuted our values in the past and we will never do it in the future.


Stable Pricing

Despite the increase in the cost of energy, raw materials and for most industrial and other expenses, our company managed to sustain stable its selling prices avoiding to startle clients and partners with abrupt changes in the pricing of its products. Our company permanetly follows a stable pricing policy, winning consumers’ trust.

Social Responsibility

We know well that despite all changes happening around us, DROP MARTINIDIS S.A. has to find the way to development and progress. We have no doubt that this is what we do and actually we do it well. Moreover, we deeply believe that we are responsible against each one standing beside the company – being an employee, a partner, a customer or a supplier – and we have to meet their expectations and care about them.

Stock Avaliability

We have consciously chosen to invest in Inventory. Recognising absolutely the value of this choice and investing large amount of capital – still of our own resources – on a program which covers the time needs, able to face rapid changes in the market and the consumers’ tastes. Those who partner with DROP MARTINIDIS S.A. are familiar with that. The immediate – time concerning – satisfaction of our customer is the primary and fundamental concern of ours.

Instant Service

The constantly increasing customer base and the development of new products, demands that we operate in high versatility and flexibility. That means great warehouse capacity resulting in adequate  warehouse space and investment in distribution procedures (logistics). We have invested a lot of our own capital – no bank loans – in the above sectors and in this way we are able to diliver goods on demand, no matter the ordered quantity.


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